Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Vibrant abstract

A top with beautiful abstract patterns of yellow, blue and greens!
Featuring frills running along the V-neckline, and an elasticized empire waist-line.

Vibrant Abstract


Fits up to UK12

Status: Available

Disco Ball

Here I have a crazily cute palette of glittery eye shadows  =D

Featuring a whole bunch of colours to brighten up your look. Best part is that if you think your lips or lipbalm lack a certain shine, you can actually dab a lil' bit of this onto your lips to give it some glam!  ;)

The palette comes with a double-ended applicator; one side being a sponge applicator and the other a brush.

Close up of the applicator:

This palette is close to brand new as only the large purple and small dark green have been swatched. Even the applicator is still new and clean  ;)

I really like all the glamour associated with glitter, but selling this off now as I really have too much make-up accumulating in my room at the moment  >.<

Disco Ball

RM18 inclusive of Postage within West/East Msia

Status: Available

Fancy a set of bouncy curls for an evening out with the boyfie?
Or are you just plain curious to try out some DIY curls, just to see how you would look like?  ;)

Well, we have here a set of 6 brand new hair-curlers to help you with your DIY curls  =D

Each hair-curler has fine bristles to get your hair to adhere to it, so there's better grip.

Here's a close-up:

Brand new, never used and just kept away as I already have another set which I hardly ever use.

Green Hair Curlers


Status: Available